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I founded the company in March of 2005, in response to a need that many experienced realtors had for an independent environment in which to practice their real estate activities. With over 15 years of experience as a licensed realtor in Alberta, I have been active in the areas of Agent (Salesperson), Real Estate Team Leader and Broker.

I use my extensive experience to help all Agents associated with Sterling Real Estate to conduct business in a professional, ethical, legal and safe manner.


GUIDO Kamanzi Realtor

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Alvaro Solis Sandi Real Estate

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Real estate is one of the major transactions that most of us will ever complete in our life time. Why must we leave that oppurtunity to enhance our lives to chance and gamble away our family income and resource? Would you attempt to fix your car by yourself unless you are a licensed journeyman mechanic or heal yourself unless you are a medical doctor?

If you or any of your loved ones are in the process of buying or selling real property in and around Edmonton, why not call William the Rock first and let him see you through all the troubles and hassles of real estate transaction? As an experienced Real Estate Associate/Realtor, I have extensive knowledge of both the changing real estate market in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Irrespective of your need and interest in any of the following areas:residential homes, acreages, farms, condominiums, or commercial investments/vacant lands, you will need a Realtor with superb negotiation skills, experienced, knowledgeable and helpful in your corner to shield you from the worries, anxieties and hassles of real estate transactions. It will be comforting to know that you have the \"Rock\" with all his abilities to meet and exceed all your buying and selling expectations in your corner. The Rock has all the patience and attention to details and for an experienced Real Estate Associate/Realtor with excellence in client service: call the Rock now to find out what your property is worth or get on the emailing list for available propertie

Cam Teel Realtor

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Chris Jones Realtor

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Larry Meincke Realtor

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Lea Alexander Realtor

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Leacroft (Lea) Alexander is the consummate salesman. He is passionate about the needs and goals of his clients and, he enjoys in bringing peace of mind to sellers and buyers through their real estate transactions. Lea first found professional success in sales in 1980 as the C.E.O, Founder and President of Alexander Security & Investigations Ltd and Electric Avenue Indoor Amusements. In 1988 he played the piano professionally in notable hotels and venues in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Lea made the leap to real estate in 2003 and is a Licensed Realtor within the province of Alberta currently serving Lac Ste. Anne, Edmonton and surrounding areas. Lea has watched and participated in the growth of communities and developed unique knowledge an intuitive feel for the real estate market. He takes professional and personal pride in keeping his clients abreast of market trends, news and providing in-depth knowledge of the subtleties of purchasing and selling real estate. In his spare time Lea enjoys happy hour with friends and family, playing the piano and enjoying the outdoors and wildlife with his Shih Tzu dog named “Tia”. Contact Lea today and begin your real estate experience.

Lilia Svenkeson Realtor

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Lois Smith Realtor

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Lucas Fausak Realtor

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Maria Carmen P. Ponticilla Realtor

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Mario Russo Realtor

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IS IT TIME YET? Let me help you answer that question. BUYING or SELLING a HOME,FARM,ACREAGE or COMMERCIAL property. I can help you find what you're looking for. I have over 15 yrs of home selling experience in the Edmonton area - specialized in New Home sales. I can help you buy that dream home by assisting you with the building process and the questions to have answered by the builder. I have been a resident of Edmonton for over 25 yrs. I am committed to servicing my clients with trust, intergrity and honesty. (Ask any of my clients, references upon request). New or Pre-Owned Homes I can help. Your New Home Realtor. You'll be happy you called

Mario Litner Realtor

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Marvin Maharaj Realtor

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Maya Naaman Realtor

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Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? You know these questions, you may have these questions, so lets answer them together.

Who am I? My name is Maya Naaman and I was born and raised here in the capital city. So rest assured Edmonton and surrounding areas are my home. I love discovering new and developing areas, and revisiting the old. I am knowledgeable, available, flexible and ready to help you find your dream home.

What am I ? I am a Real Estate Agent, who is caring, compassionate, honest, genuine, driven, smart, knowledgeable, available, flexible and so much more. As soon as you meet me you will see these qualities, as true character is impossible to mask.

Where am I? I am currently working with Sterling Real Estate @ 11155 65 st Edmonton, AB

When can I be reached? I am extremely flexible and completely committed to my clients. I can be reached at any time.

Why me? I want for us to take this journey together, buying or selling a property is a big deal and it makes it easier to have someone who is experienced and knowledgeable by your side. Know that with me working for you, I will do everything in my power to ensure the absolute greatest outcome possible.

How to get started? Call me or E-mail all you have to do is inquire. 780-298-MAYA (6292) or

When you work with me know that I am in it more then 100%. I genuinely want to help you and I have your best interest at heart. Buying a home or selling your home does not have to be such a long agonizing process. With me by your side there is no doubt in my mind that each step of the process will be more exciting then the next.

Milly Wong Realtor

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Mo Dhalla Realtor

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Olubunmi Olajide Realtor

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Paul E. Afonso Realtor

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Paul graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Commerce which he has put to good use in the real estate industry. As well as being a full time Realtor, Paul is also a real estate developer. He is currently the Director and CEO for Welcome Homes.
Growing up in the family business of building homes, Paul has been immersed in Real Estate since he was a child. Paul’s portfolio consists of project management, construction management and sales management of apartment condominiums, multi/single family homes and also land development. He has the experience and knowledge to help with any project- big or small.
Honesty, respect and clear communication are his virtues.

Peshal Bastola Realtor

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Rafik Berjak Realtor

Rafik Berjak 's Website Phone: 7809909791

Rajander (Raj) Prasad Realtor

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Ravneet (Nina) Flora Realtor

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Robert Jay Realtor

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Robert Wu Realtor

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Roxanne Litwyn Realtor

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Sean Lee Realtor

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Stephanie Zhang Realtor

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Sukhit Kaur Realtor

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Sylevine Morgan Realtor

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Tanya Duchnych Realtor

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Tarick Taha Realtor

Phone: 780-819-5191

My name is Tarick Taha, I am a real estate agent with Sterling Real Estate. I was born and raised here in the capital city of Edmonton, AB. Leveraging my previous experience in business management and as a successful business owner, I am known for outstanding client service, flexibility, and consistent communication, strong attention to detail, skilled negotiator and ensuring a positive experience for all parties involved with my client’s interest at heart. I believe strongly to educate my clients throughout every step of the buying and/or selling process armed with top notch information and market insight, so that my client makes the best decision possible. I am honest, hardworking, and extremely knowledgeable. Whether you are a first time home buyer, investor, looking to down size, relocating to the city, I want to take this journey with you. Call me @ 780-819-5191 or email

Terry Patton Realtor

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Timothy Biller Realtor

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Tom M. Kot Realtor

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Vince Ferrante Realtor

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Wei Liu Realtor

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Zelpher Bogle Realtor

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