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Careers at Sterling real estate EdmontonThere are plenty of reasons why over 100 agents have chosen to work with Sterling Real Estate, one of them being that our agency is unlike any other in the business. Not only do we foster a positive and supportive work environment, we make it effortless for you to launch your career to the next level. Whether you've just begun your career or you've already established it, you'll love working with Sterling Real Estate.

Our company goal is to have as few agent expenditures as possible so you can grow your career and succeed at what you do. What sets our company apart is that agents keep 100% of the commision after these low fees:


$200 per Month Desk Fee
$250 per Transaction

Working in a Team Environment

Sterling Real Estate is an exceptional agency that welcomes all sorts of agents and teams. In fact, this agency promotes teamwork so agents can collaborate to give clients the best possible service.

Teams of 6-8 realtors will have access to the backend of our world-class website where you can work directly with leads by sending them emails, tailored listings, and saved searches. This site is a resource like none-other, putting Sterling Real Estate ahead of the game in the Edmonton real estate market.

Be Among the Best

Working with Sterling Real Estate means that you're among the best of the best in Edmonton real estate. Your co-workers demonstrate the highest standard of excellence with their marketing and communication skills, meaning your career influencers will be nothing short of amazing. There's no better agency to join than Sterling Real Estate.

The Edmonton real estate market is a tricky thing. Not only is it highly competitive, but it's fast moving. That's why we provide new-coming agents with practical experience to be sure that they succeed in all their real estate ventures. You work among the top in the industry so you can learn the ropes like a true professional.