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The community of Homesteader is located in the Hermitage area of northeast Edmonton. Available properties in Homesteader range from established single-family homes to townhomes, and even new builds. An excellent commuter location, with schools, and community amenities, Homesteader is a great place to live in Edmonton. Browse current listings below, or read more about the Homesteader community.  

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About Homesteader in Northeast Edmonton

Homesteader is a small residential suburb in northeastern Edmonton. The community is bordered by Kennedale Ravine to the north and Yellowhead Highway to the south. The western boundary is marked by 50 Street NW. The Pioneer Estates townhome community, located at Hermitage Road and Hooke Road, marks the eastern limit of Homesteader. 

Homesteader falls with the Hermitage area of Edmonton which includes the communities of Canon Ridge and Overlanders. Hermitage Road runs through the area from east to west.

Homesteader's neighbours include Kennedale Industrial, Sifton Park, Belmont, Bergman, and Newton. 

Homesteader Real Estate

Most of the homes for sale in Homesteader were built from the 1970s through the 1980s. The single-family, suburban homes show the typical signs of mid-to-late century construction, including vinyl siding and split-level construction. Low-pitched bungalow rooflines, redbrick exteriors, and large picture windows facing well-kept lawns.

Most homes are either single-story or split-level, with single garages, and basements are also common. Garages vary between built-in and road facing, and detached units located at the rear of the property. Some portions of the area even have alley-way access, although this isn't as common as in other Edmonton areas. 

The other residential option that's quite common in Homesteader is a townhouse or townhome. There are a number of rowhouse and low-rise apartment home communities in Homesteader, including Habitat Village, West Hermitage Place, Homestead Gardens, Red Willow, and Harrison Place. 

The southern portion of Homesteader is home to a new residential development called Verte Homesteader. 

Homesteader has an excellent mix of real estate features and amenities that make it an ideal community for those lucky enough to live here. In sum, these are:

  • An affordable mix of housing options, including new homes, townhomes, and established single-family houses
  • A convenient commercial center
  • Centralized amenities and community spaces
  • An extensive trail system for easy walking and biking
  • Proximity to major transport routes

Homesteader Community Info

Homesteader has some excellent amenities, community spaces, and facilities that make it a great location for families, and those who enjoy staying active. 

In the centre of Homesteader is the Homesteader Community League, which maintains two outdoor rinks, a community hall, and a playground. 

Kennedale Ravine runs past the northern boundary of the community, providing wooded trails and a wonderful creekside space. Multi-use trails and greenways run through many portions of Homesteader, making it a great place to get around on foot or by bike. 

There are also two schools in Homesteader: Saint Maria Goretti Catholic School and Homesteader School. Both of these are located by the Homesteader Community League, and their combined spaces and facilities make an excellent hub for activities in the community.

Area Attractions in Northeast Edmonton

A short distance east of Homesteader is the Edmonton Soccer Association East Centre, Canon Ridge Park, and the expansive Hermitage Park. 

The massive Clareview Community Recreation Centre is a short distance north, as is the Clareview Town Centre, with many large stores and entertainment venues. 

Homesteader Transit & Transport

Homesteader is near a number of major transit routes and facilities. These include the Edmonton commuter rail system a short distance west at Belvedere Station (in the Kennedale Industrial district), and the Yellowhead Highway. Via the Yellowhead Highway, residents of Homesteader can make it to downtown Edmonton in about 15 minutes. 

The Yellowhead Highway also turns into the Trans-Canada Highway outside Edmonton, so if you're traveling out of town you can be on your way almost immediately. 

Shopping & Retail in Homesteader, Edmonton

There are four retail centres in Homesteader.

Hermitage Plaza - Located centrally at the corner of Hermitage Road and 127 Avenue. Includes a convenience store, sports pub, and hair salon.

Hermitage Road Shopping Centre - Located at the corner of Hermitage Road and 40 Street NW, this plaza includes a number of places to eat, a pharmacy, a daycare, and a dance academy.

Hermitage Square - The largest of the four, located at 50 Street NW, with various stores, a McDonald's, and a Service Canada Centre.

Kennedale Shopping Centre - Just to the north of Hermitage Square, this smaller location has some eateries, a pharmacy, and salon.

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